Le blanc!

8 07 2008

le blanc c’est doux!

blanc antique!

blanc repos, douceur, calme, sérénité, nuages, enveloppe, duvet blanc!



8 responses

8 07 2008

i was in quebec one year and a half ago and absolutely loved it!! it was december so there was beautiful snow. quebec is celebrating it’s 400th aniversary, right? how wonderful to live in a place like that!

8 07 2008

I live in Magog about 1 hour 1/2 from Montreal, but I do love Québec city, but I did not go there for the 400th aniversary, thank you for visiting!!

8 07 2008
Liberty Post Editor

I love Quebec. I love these photos.

8 07 2008

j’adore tes commentaire, J’adore le blanc est comment to regarde autour de toi. you know of all bloggers out there I think we would have great time taking photo’s together! Foufounes I used to go there when i was younger……olive and gourmand yum!

8 07 2008

funny I was there too at the Foufounes when I was younger, I’m sure we would enjoy share pictures. For the bloggers I do follow your trails and others and discovered wonderful people!!

8 07 2008

i love the white! So soothing!

8 07 2008

J’aime beaucoup cette serie

12 07 2008

finalement, après longue réflexion, c’est le blanc que je préfère… chez toi, quoi que le rose est superbe et le rouge explosif et le vert très reposant… bon finalement, j’aime tes couleurs en totalité


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